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Month: May 2015

Apple acquires Metaio

junaio-appleApple has acquired the Augmented Reality startup Metaio and Junaio (Metaio’s cross-platform AR browser) goes with it… I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing for all of us who have invested time developing for Junaio, coding in AREL (Augmented Reality Experience Language) and using Metaio SDK, but to me it’s probably a bad thing since the Junaio channels will not be available after 15th December 2015… and I have developed the beta version of my PhD’s cognitive training game (namely Smartkuber) using that platform :( On a happier note, I still have plenty of time to run the final experiment using what’s left of Junaio.

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Level 1 & Level 2 publications – Norwegian Scientific Index

The Norwegian Scientific Index (Norwegian: Norsk vitenskapsindeks, NVI) is a Norwegian bibliographic database, aimed at covering all academic publication channels worldwide. It is operated by the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (Norwegian: Norsk Samfunnsvitenskapelig Datatjeneste, NSD) on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Research (Norwegian: Kunnskapsdepartementet, KD), and is a part of CRISTIN (Current Research Information System in Norway).

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