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Smartkuber: preliminary results

We ran a preliminary (informal) analysis of the first results coming from the – still on the two digits – gaming sessions of Smartkuber, just for the fun of it. Trying to examine the game’s validity as a cognitive screening tool, we found a promising, statistically significant linear correlation – so far – between the game scores and the MoCA cognitive screening test scores. We can also get a better insight on each mini-game’s performance. However, there is still a long road ahead of us, with the final results coming in around December. Things are looking good, fingers crossed…

PS. Seniornett Norway has been an extremely helpful collaborator, providing the study’s awesome participants and the meaningful feedback.

Smartkuber – the cognitive training video game with the cubes


The beta version of the cognitive training game I was developing as part of my PhD study is up and running! So…… Smartkuber is a serious game for cognitive training, developed at Gjøvik University College (Norway) as a research project, from Costas Boletsis and Prof. Simon McCallum.

It is actually the main tool for the last stage of the PhD study and we are currently running the validation experiment, in collaboration with Seniornett.

Smartkuber consists of 5 mini-games which – along with the implemented interaction technique, utilising the cubes – address various cognitive functions. You can find all the info about it in our new website:

Check the demo video

Latest publication: The Use of Smartwatches for Health Monitoring in Home-Based Dementia Care


Our latest publication on the use of smartwatches (the Basis smartwatch in particular) for health monitoring in home-based dementia care is now available on the SpringerLink website. The paper will also be presented on the Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population in Los Angeles, next week. (Update: You can read the full paper here.)

Apple acquires Metaio

junaio-appleApple has acquired the Augmented Reality startup Metaio and Junaio (Metaio’s cross-platform AR browser) goes with it… I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing for all of us who have invested time developing for Junaio, coding in AREL (Augmented Reality Experience Language) and using Metaio SDK, but to me it’s probably a bad thing since the Junaio channels will not be available after 15th December 2015… and I have developed the beta version of my PhD’s cognitive training game (namely Smartkuber) using that platform :( On a happier note, I still have plenty of time to run the final experiment using what’s left of Junaio.

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Level 1 & Level 2 publications – Norwegian Scientific Index

The Norwegian Scientific Index (Norwegian: Norsk vitenskapsindeks, NVI) is a Norwegian bibliographic database, aimed at covering all academic publication channels worldwide. It is operated by the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (Norwegian: Norsk Samfunnsvitenskapelig Datatjeneste, NSD) on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Research (Norwegian: Kunnskapsdepartementet, KD), and is a part of CRISTIN (Current Research Information System in Norway).

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What about Siftables?

sifteoIn the quest for the appropriate/playful interaction technique for my PhD’s cognitive training/assessment game, I came across a very interesting, old acquaintance: Siftables.

More specifically, “Siftables are small computers that display graphics on their top surface and sense one another and how they are being moved. Siftables were developed as a platform for hands-on interactions with digital information and media and were the prototype for Sifteo cubes.”

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Game Technology Lab resources

GTL_logo_white_150The Game Technology Lab (GTL) at Gjøvik University College has a new website with details on courses and game-related discussions.

Also, GTL is very active on YouTube where you can find a number of lectures from the game-related courses.

Hello world!

Hello world!



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