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Segway VR simulator using Oculus Rift DK2, Wii Balance Board & Kinect

A very interesting project: developing a Segway simulator in Virtual Reality space, utilising the Nintendo Wii Balance Board (= the Segway board) and the Microsoft Kinect (= player hand movements) for interaction purposes.

The interaction works smoothly and it feels like the real thing. The navigation space is the Tuscany villa Oculus Demo.

Nicely done!

Gjøvik / winter / timelapse

by Mariusz Nowostawski

Game Technology Lab resources

GTL_logo_white_150The Game Technology Lab (GTL) at Gjøvik University College has a new website with details on courses and game-related discussions.

Also, GTL is very active on YouTube where you can find a number of lectures from the game-related courses.

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